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Bill Weihl

Presidents' Council

Bill Weihl is the Founder and Executive Director of ClimateVoice, a non-profit initiative launched in February 2020 that is focused on encouraging companies to go “all in” on climate – especially in their use of their voice and influence to support public policy, everywhere they operate.

From 2012 to 2018, Bill Weihl was Director of Sustainability at Facebook.  He built a team that directs work on sustainability and energy efficiency across the company, driving projects to track and reduce the company’s environmental footprint in all aspects of its operations.  They also drove cross-industry collaborations, including playing critical roles in RE100 and the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance.  Prior to Facebook, Bill was Green Energy Czar at Google, where his team pioneered Google’s work to buy clean energy for its data centers, and helped found the Climate Savers Computing Initiative with Intel and WWF.

Bill was an Expert-In-Residence at the Presidio Graduate School during the Fall 2019 semester.  He is also on the board of directors of the Sierra Club Foundation and of Acterra, and on the boards of WeSpire and Common Energy.  He has received numerous awards, including Time Magazine’s Hero of the Environment (2009), the Global Green Award for environmental leadership (2016), and the VERGE Vanguard Award (2018).