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Collin Mothupi

Board Chair

Collin Mothupi is an operations strategist with broad experience in all aspects of strategic implementation, project management, accounting, and financial management. He joined Pathfinder’s board in 2017 and became Board Chair in November 2021.

Born in Uganda to a South African political exile, Collin spent his early life as a refugee in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. During that time, he worked as a child actor and an environmental activist as a founding member of Roots & Shoots, a Jane Goodall Institute youth organization. His father wrote for a South African newspaper and was imprisoned for activism against the apartheid regime. Smuggled out of the country by priests, his father ended up in Uganda, where he met Collin’s mother.

Collin served as the director of Value Analytics at Vanderbilt Medical Center. He then joined a start-up called OnFocus, offering software to help hospitals improve performance. When MedeAnalytics bought OnFocus, he stayed to facilitate client strategies. At MedeAnalytics, now one of the largest health care analytics firms in the country, Collin is focused on enterprise performance management solutions.

He holds a BA in economics and computer science from Macalester College and MBA from Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management.