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Dan Pellegrom

Presidents' Council

Dan Pellegrom served as President and CEO of Pathfinder International from February 1985 to February 2012. During his tenure Pathfinder grew from an annual budget of $8,000,000 to over $100,000,000. During his 27-year tenure at the helm of Pathfinder, Dan witness many changes in the dozens of countries where Pathfinder works, he led the organization through many changes and was at helm when the Secretary General of the United Nations presented Pathfinder with its award as the leading NGO among population organizations.

While at Pathfinder Dan served for 3 1/2 years as Board Chair of InterAction, the largest coalition of American based organizations providing humanitarian assistance abroad. During his tenure Pathfinder was twice a co-plaintiff in a lawsuit challenging the US government, the second of which was decided after 8 years by the US Supreme Court which ruled in Pathfinder’s favor by a 6-2 margin; one justice demurred.

Prior to his work at Pathfinder, Dan served as CEO of Planned Parenthood affiliates first in Memphis and then State-wide in Maryland. Altogether he led 3 separate organizations covering a total of 40 years as CEO.