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Frankie Simmons

United States

Chief of Staff, President of Africa

Frankie Simmons works as the Chief of Staff for the Africa Region under Lydia Saloucou. Frankie joined Pathfinder in 2018, starting out in HR as part of the recruiting team. Eventually, Frankie would shift their skillset to become the executive assistant to the Chief Operating Officer, Anne Scott, and later to the Chief of Country and Program Strategy, Murtala Mai.

During the shift to the Country-Led Strategy, Frankie has been an integral part of ensuring people, systems, and processes transition from a “headquarters” style operation to a more country-led, country-owned way of operating.

Prior to Pathfinder, Frankie worked in social media freelance, and high-end equestrian accessory sales. Outside of the office, Frankie enjoys long distance running, hiking and trekking, Formula 1, and advocating for the SOGIESC community.