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Hal Glasser

United States

Chief Legal Officer

Harold (Hal) Glasser brings 30 years of combined experience as an international corporate attorney and compliance officer in the pharmaceutical and vaccine industries and, more recently, in the nonprofit public health sector. While at Merck & Co, Inc., Hal served as corporate attorney on strategic transactions and as regional managing counsel for Asia Pacific and Latin America as the company rapidly expanded its global footprint.

Immediately prior to joining Pathfinder, Hal was Senior Counsel, Research, at Vital Strategies, an international public health organization. Beyond his work as an attorney, Hal has devoted himself to developing and supporting new models to effect social change. In 2018, he founded Health Impact Partnership, a nonprofit that makes charitable investments in social enterprises that are working to increase access to healthcare in underserved communities.

Hal earned his J.D. from Brooklyn Law School in New York and his B.A. degree from the University of Rochester. He was also a Japanese Ministry of Education Graduate Research Fellow in economic law at the University of Tokyo.