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Manuel Urbina

Dr. Manuel Urbina is a co-founder of a private consultancy called Health, Research, and Demography (INSAD) that contributes to the effectiveness and impact of governmental and nongovernmental initiatives on the issues of population and public health in Mexico and throughout Latin America. He served on Pathfinder’s board from 2008-2016, when he served as both secretary and vice chair, and he rejoined the board again in 2018.

Manuel is member of the National Academy of Medicine and General Coordinator of the Social Determinants of Health Committee, and he was president of the Mexican Public Health Association. Prior responsibilities include director general of medical services at the Social Security Institute for Government Employees, deputy ministry of health, general director of health services in Mexico City, secretary general of the Mexican National Population Council, and coordinator of Mexico’s National Family Planning Program.

A noted speaker and accomplished author of several books on family planning and public health, he also contributes to global population efforts as a member of both the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population and the International Committee on the Administration of Population Programs.

Manuel received his medical degree from the Faculty of Medicine at the National University of Mexico and his master’s degree in public health from The University of Texas, specializing in population and epidemiology. He has taken Diploma courses in epidemiology advanced methods, health services administration, and community medicine at the Universities of Minnesota and London.