Contraception & Family Planning

In developing countries, more than half of all women of reproductive age want to avoid pregnancy. 225 million women are not using an effective method of contraception. And millions of women lack the services they need, leading to 74 million unintended pregnancies in developing countries each year.

This is where Pathfinder works. We believe all people have the right to decide whether or when to have children. We know contraception means better health, more girls in school, and greater resources for families, communities, and nations. In over 100 countries and counting, our contraception programs change lives.


What We Do

  • Partner with decision-makers to make sure contraception is available wherever it is desired
  • Strengthen health centers, satellite clinics, and community health workers so more people in more places have access to the contraceptive information and services they need
  • Make sure short-term, long-acting, permanent, and emergency contraception are always available so people of all ages can choose the method that’s best for them
  • Connect communities and health systems so people receive the services they need and the quality of care they deserve
  • Talk to men, religious leaders, and other key players to eliminate all biases and misconceptions that can prevent contraceptive use

Meet Our Staff

Tabinda Sarosh

Country Representative

Halida Akhter

Senior Country Representative

Mathew Joseph

Country Representative

Farouk Jega

Country Representative

Riaz Mobaracaly

Senior Country Representative

Sani Aliou

Country Representative

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Together, we can ensure a path forward for all.