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Family Planning Services During the First Wave of COVID-19 in Four West African Countries

Disponible en Français, ci-dessous >> Assessing the influence of crises on health services is often retrospective, with evidence from studies…

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Featured Stories & Perspectives

A Youth Champion Builds Empathy for Sex Education Through A Card Game

Unsure how to talk to your teenager about sex? Jean-Pierre Bouaka, an accounting student at the University of Lomé, Togo,…

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Featured Stories & Perspectives

World Health Worker Week: Two Health Workers Amplify Sexual and Reproductive Health in Togo

The USAID Amplify Family Planning and Sexual and Reproductive Health (AmplifyPF) project strengthens access to quality family planning services in the West…

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Pathfinder works in Togo to improve the quality and reach healthcare, particularly contraceptive counseling and services, in areas with inadequate healthcare coverage.  

Our programs in Togo integrate maternal and child health, nutrition, and immunization services into contraceptive services. For sustainability, we mobilize communities in support of contraceptive access and quality health care and advocate to the government for support and funding of these integrated services.   

  • Contraceptive Choice 
    Pathfinder expands access to and use of quality contraceptive services. We identify health facilities in need of assistance and strengthen their capacity to provide quality contraceptive counseling and modern contraceptive methods. 
  • Advocacy for Sustainable Change 
    Pathfinder works with several partners to influence policymaking related to healthcare and contraceptive services. This includes encouraging the successful implementation of favorable policies, initiating the review of unfavorable policies, and proposing new policy ideas. We work with community-based organizations to raise awareness at the grassroots level, mobilize local authorities around the most challenging issues, and provide relevant analysis to central authorities so that they can make decisions that benefit people’s health. 
  • Engaging Men and Boys  
    Pathfinder works with men and boys so that they can fully participate in raising awareness about harmful social norms and misconceptions related to the use of modern contraceptive methods. Partnering with us across communities, men and boys support women to understand and accept contraception. They educate their neighbors and peers about gender-equitable practices and the importance of supporting women to make informed reproductive choices.  

Give women and girls control over their future.

Your support provides the reproductive care women and girls need to thrive.

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Scaling Up: Giving Adolescents More Power Through Skill Development and Peer Mentorship

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Lifelong Learning

How two Pathfinders continue to grow through a learning exchange A Global Organization With 1,200 staff in 19 countries and…

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Pathfinder at Gender and Inclusion Summit 2023 – Digital Resources

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