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UHC Day 2023

On December 13, join us online as we honor Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Day by taking a closer look at the UHC Global Monitoring Report, which provides the latest updates on global progress toward health service coverage (SDG3.8.1) and financial protection (SDG 3.8.1). Data shows many countries are falling short on their commitments, which requires urgent action from governments to ensure #HealthForAll.  

This webinar will be a platform for ministry of health officials from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda and Bangladesh to share their experiences, challenges, lessons, and recommendations on how best to accelerate progress toward achieving UHC in their regions—and for implementing partners to identify opportunities for more meaningful collaboration with government actors.   

Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is a fundamental human right and critical component of sustainable development. It ensures that everyone, regardless of where they live, has access to quality health services without financial hardship. UHC Day, celebrated every December 12th, provides an opportunity to bring the importance of UHC to the fore and promote actions towards achieving it.  

The theme for UHC Day 2023 is Health for All: Time for Action. As the world contends with a growing number climate-related health threats, the time to invest in resilient health systems and #HealthForAll is now. By working across sectors—governments, NGOs, the private sector, and civil society—we can hold our leaders accountable and make UHC a reality by 2030.  

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