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Pathfinder Tanzania, Our Global Watchtower for Safeguarding

By: Janeth Paul Mziray, Safeguarding Director, Global Services


At Pathfinder, we are committed to safeguarding—protecting the people we serve, our partners, and each other from exploitation and abuse. Our commitment to safeguarding guides our programmatic work across the globe. As Global Safeguarding Director, I lead Pathfinder’s safeguarding initiatives from Tanzania, where my highest priority is fostering a safeguarding culture across the countries we serve.  

Pathfinder has always been committed to safeguarding. But my position is the first of its kind. Having a Global Safeguarding Director based on the continent where most of our work takes place is the most effective approach to ensuring every Pathfinder program fully commits to our culture of safeguarding. I see my role as representative of our country-led strategy, which has increasingly moved decision-making power and resources from US teams to our countries of operation. 

I have been a Pathfinder for almost 15 years. Previously, through support from the Oak Foundation, I leveraged my legal background to lead Pathfinder Tanzania in developing policy and training materials on child safeguarding and other initiatives aimed at protecting employees, partners, and clients. Becoming our first Global Safeguarding Director was a natural next step. Safeguarding can be a difficult topic to broach—people don’t talk about sexual exploitation and abuse, especially in African countries. But that’s why it’s so important to make sure we’re being vocal, persistent, and uncompromising in our dedication to safeguarding.  

We need to raise awareness that sexual exploitation and abuse exists, even in high-profile environments and irrespective of circumstance. It is our responsibility to make sure that we build a culture that protects human dignity and the rights of all people, and where abuse and exploitation of any kind is unacceptable. For everyone to exist free from exploitation and abuse, we all must take responsibility and be each other’s keepers. 

Our mission has long relied on the local expertise of the people in the countries where our programs operate, and we’re proud to drive our commitment to safeguarding—the foundation of our mission—from Tanzania. 

This story is part of our LinkedIn newsletter series, Country-Led in Action with Pathfinder International, where we delve deep into our country-led approaches, showcasing how our local leaders, teams, and partners are taking the helm in global health and development—leading the strategies, programs, and investments that drive impact in the communities we serve. From navigating complex partnerships to overcoming systemic challenges, we’ll offer practical insights, inspiring success stories, and candid lessons learned about how global organizations can localize effectively.

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Pathfinder Tanzania, Our Global Watchtower for Safeguarding

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