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Mozambique Ministry of Health Increases Contraceptive Method Choice, Introduces Implanon

In December 2017, Pathfinder International supported Mozambique’s Ministry of Health in training 44 maternal and child nurses across the country on Implanon NXT, a progestin contraceptive device of one rod stem placed under the skin of the woman’s upper arm.

The trainings took place in Beira city for nurses from the central and northern provinces and in Maputo City for nurses from the southern provinces. Two Merck, Sharp and Dohme specialists joined Pathfinder team as facilitators of the trainings. During two days, attendees learned the theory and practice of Implanon. After practicing with placebo in anatomical models, the trainees inserted the first 101 Implanon devices to women and girls. It is expected that these trained nurses will roll out the trainings in their provinces and expanding the method in the rural areas.

The introduction of Implanon adds to the contraceptive methods choices available for free in the national health system in Mozambique. This is one more effective and long acting method option that women and girls can choose from. Implanon is effective for three years which is particularly advantageous for those in rural areas since it reduces their trips to the health facilities. The insertion of Implanon is also easier than other existing injectable contraceptive methods.

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