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Pathfinder International Stands with Planned Parenthood

Pathfinder International stands with Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) and more than 300 organizations that agree that women’s health should not be held hostage to politics.

Since its inception, Planned Parenthood has been a vocal partner and advocate in expanding health and rights not only for women in the United States, but also for women overseas, whose health and well-being are also affected by U.S. policies.

PPFA is one of the nation’s most critical providers of quality, affordable sexual and reproductive health services for women. Eliminating federal funding for PPFA would mean access to reproductive health services, particularly for low-income women and those in hard-to-reach areas, would be drastically reduced, if not erased.

Pathfinder is proud to have Planned Parenthood as an ally in our shared global mission to ensure that women everywhere have access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health, including abortion.

Additional information: PPFA letter to congressional leadership submitted on August 27, 2015.


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