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Her Power Summit 2023

Putting women’s rights at the heart of global progress.

Gender inequality plays a central role in many of the thorny issues faced today. Women are differently, and often disproportionately, impacted by global crises like the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, armed conflict and humanitarian emergencies, abuse and exploitation, and democratic backsliding. Why, then, aren’t their needs more squarely on the policy agenda? Why do inequalities under the law persist? 

Within national and inter-governmental institutions, the priorities of those in leadership positions dictate the direction of decisions and outcomes. Such prevailing influences often mean that, from the grassroots to multilateral levels, advocates for women’s rights have historically been forced to do a lot with a little. They usually operate under immense pressure and with limited time, because their work has been, and remains, under-resourced and under-valued. Despite these challenges, they continue to punch above their weight, creating springboards for action in pursuit of gender justice.

At the 2023 Her Power Summit, women’s rights are the agenda. The 2023 Her Power Summit will show women challenging norms, reforming institutions, and leveraging technology to elevate marginalized voices and reimagine international cooperation. Join this pivotal dialogue on the future of women’s rights across sectors. 

Pathfinder’s Lydia Murithi, Senior Global Technical and Strategy Advisor, will be a featured mentor during the networking breakfast.

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