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Ma’an (Together)


Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp (Merck for Mothers Program)


Ma’an (Together) strengthens the capacity of local service providers (non-governmental, private, and community) to respond to the family planning and reproductive health needs of young married women and first-time parents in four districts of Egypt’s Sohag governorate. The project engages key influencers in local communities to encourage people to use family planning and reproductive health services and improve the way services are delivered.

Project Activities

  • Increase availability and accessibility of quality health services, including family planning, reproductive health, and maternal health services.
  • Increase the uptake of family planning services among young married women and first-time parents.
  • Empower households to be reproductive health advocates in their communities.
  • Build the capacity of NGO clinics and private health providers, such as private physicians, pharmacists, and nurses, to provide quality care.
  • Strengthen the incorporation of NGO family planning clinics into the national family planning strategy.
  • Improve the integration of NGO clinics with civil society to ensure standardized, quality service provision.
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