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Pathfinders are highly skilled professionals dedicated to our mission. Our locally led organization is run from the countries we serve, allowing decisions to be made close to our work, and delivering optimal impact and accountability.

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Lydia Saloucou

Burkina Faso

President, Africa

Lydia Saloucou brings nearly 25 years of public health experience in reproductive and maternal health and organizational management in Africa. She joined Pathfinder in Burkina Faso in 2015. ...
Meet Lydia Saloucou

Tabinda Sarosh


President, South Asia, Middle East and North Africa

As President, South Asia, Middle East, and North Africa, Dr. Tabinda Sarosh is accountable for the impact, revenue, and operating performance of Pathfinder’s programs in Bangladesh, India,...
Meet Tabinda Sarosh

Lois Quam

United States

Chief Executive Officer

Lois believes deeply in Pathfinder’s mission. She has seen up close how Pathfinder helps millions of people around the world pursue their goals because they can decide whether and when to ...
Meet Lois Quam

Amina Aminu Dorayi


Country Director

Dr. Amina Aminu Dorayi is a physician and public health professional with 17 years’ extensive experience in designing and managing health system and sustainable development programs aimed ...
Meet Amina Aminu Dorayi

Crystal Lander

United States

Chief Strategic Engagement Officer

Crystal Lander is an experienced senior policy and development expert both in the United States and globally. Ms. Lander joined Pathfinder in 2020 as the executive director of global affairs...
Meet Crystal Lander

Hal Glasser

United States

Chief Legal Officer

Harold (Hal) Glasser brings 30 years of combined experience as an international corporate attorney and compliance officer in the pharmaceutical and vaccine industries and, more recently, in ...
Meet Hal Glasser

Joseph Komwihangiro


Senior Country Director

A medical doctor with more than 15 years of experience leading and managing donor-funded health programs in Tanzania, Dr. Joseph Komwihangiro combines his technical experience with his passi...
Meet Joseph Komwihangiro

Joseph Perera

United States

Chief Financial Officer

For almost two decades, Joseph Perera has held leadership positions in accounting, finance, tax, and operations in financial services, retail, public charities, and the “big 4” accountin...
Meet Joseph Perera

Lilian Githuka


Chief Human Resources Officer

Lilian is a Senior HR Professional with over 20 years’ experience in Human Resources Management in the Development and Humanitarian Sectors across multiple countries. Lilian leads the Glob...
Meet Lilian Githuka

Mengistu Asnake


Senior Country Director

Dr. Mengistu Asnake is a public health specialist with more than 30 years of experience in reproductive health, primary health care, child survival, community health services, program manage...
Meet Mengistu Asnake

Mohamed Abou Nar


Senior Country Director

Mohamed Abou Nar has more than 25 years of experience in international development, quality management, project design, implementation, and evaluation. In 2007, he was named our country dire...
Meet Mohamed Abou Nar

Natasha Sakolsky

United States

Chief, Global Services

Natasha Sakolsky has more than 30 years of experience in the development and public health sectors and is an established leader in our field. She has provided leadership in strategic plannin...
Meet Natasha Sakolsky

Stephanie Hawkins

United States

Senior Director, Business Development

Stephanie Hawkins is the Senior Director of Business Development. In her role, she oversees the business development team as they identify, develop, and manage large proposals to major gover...
Meet Stephanie Hawkins

I dream of being an agent of change for a better future, where women are empowered and enabled to take control of their lives. Pathfinder not only dreams of the same future but works towards making it a reality.

NIVERT RIHAN, Pathfinder Egypt