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AIDS, Population, & Health Integrated Assistance plus Nairobi-Coast

APHIAplus Nairobi-Coast strengthened health systems and institutions at every level to expand access to an integrated package of essential health services. These services spanned: HIV and AIDS prevention, care, and treatment; contraception; maternal, neonatal, and child health; and services to prevent and treat malaria and tuberculosis.

Project Date: 2011 - 2016
Funder: USAID
Country: Kenya

Over 2.7 million people reached with HIV testing and counseling services

Over 1.5 million couple-years of protection provided through contraceptive methods distributed

487,300 deliveries with skilled birth attendants

41,500 gender based violence received health services

Living Positively: A Mother Finds Hope

When Grace found out she had HIV, she wanted to end her life. You helped her find her strength—and today she’s giving hope to other women.

HIV is not a death sentence. People who start and adhere to their treatment can live long, healthy lives. But millions of people still don’t know about their options.

Read Grace’s story >

What We Did

  • Built the capacity of health providers to offer quality HIV prevention and treatment services, ensure consistent supply of vital HIV medicines, and partner with communities to stop new HIV infections
  • Integrated contraceptive services with HIV, maternal health, and cervical cancer services
  • Focused on the unique sexual and reproductive health needs of adolescents—the largest generation of young people in history—as they come of age
  • Worked with both communities and health facilities to recognize pregnancy danger signs, ensuring access to skilled birth attendance and improving the quality of health care
  • Challenged harmful gender norms by engaging women and girls, men and boys, and key influencers in examining the root causes and effects of harmful stereotypes and gender inequities
  • Partnered with communities to address the social determinants of health including livelihood strengthening; food security; and water, sanitation, and hygiene

Project Staff Members

Pamela Onduso

Youth, Advocacy, & Partnership Advisor

Pamela has over two decades of experience in reproductive health and family planning, program design, program management, advocacy and policy...

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